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Sippo - Hydration Made Easy


According to research, over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated!Changing habits is never easy, but using Sippo can help! Drinking enough water is one of the easiest and quickest ways to feel more energised, more mentally alert and be more productive. It can also reduce the risks of cancer, heart attacks and kidney stones!
Sippo is a Smart Cup that you connect to your phone. Enter some information about yourself to get a recommendation on how much to drink. You can add your own drinking targets, and enter drinks when you don't have your Sippo Smart Cup with you.
Get your Sippo Smart Cup here:
- Hydration StatusQuickly assess how you are your tracking with your hydration today.
- Drink LogEasily see how much you've drunk today, this week, this month, by the sip!
- Weight MonitorEnter your weight as often or as little as you like, and monitor over time.
- Smart AlarmSet your reminder periods, or specified times in the day. And if you forget to drink, Sippo will send you a reminder.
- Smart App Analytics.Fast and easy to review your progress. One click to see a chart of your drink log history and weight. All information safe and secure in your app.
- Alerts.When Sippo knows you are due for a drink a notification will appear to let you know. With Sippo you will never come home tired, fatigued and dehydrated!
- Your hydration status.We have made it easy. In one click you will see exactly how you are tracking today. See if you are on track or need to adjust. Changing old habits always starts today!
-Google Fit integration coming soon!